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Cell Booster Installations Los Angeles California

Do you experience dropped calls, data lagging, or slow uploads when using your cellphone in California? Whether you have poor cell service in your home or office, Cell Booster Installations can quickly and efficiently improve that! Our team specializes in the installation of signal boosters for cellphones.

Dropped calls and slow data are generally caused by three things: Far distance from cell towers, tall objects (buildings or trees) are in the way, or building materials are in your home/office. When we install a signal booster we make sure it is placed in the correct spot and is hidden from the public. Each booster is able to amplify and transmit voice and data signals for vehicles and indoor spaces. Those signals are captured by the main cellphone antenna and retransmitted to the specified indoor location. Our devices will allow you to enjoy your mobile phone without interruptions caused by poor signal.

Cellphone signal boosters use an outside antenna to capture the signal that exists outside of the building, a signal booster that strengthens the signal’s strength, and inside antenna(s) to distribute the improved cell signal throughout the inside of the building. Cellphone boosters are used to stop dropped calls and fix weak signals in offices and commercial buildings up to 500,000 square feet.

If you have a poor cellular signal, a cell phone signal booster is the answer. You are already paying a monthly fee for a service that either doesn’t work or works sporadically. Cell phone boosters provide consistent, reliable cell service for one flat price.

Cell phone signal boosters are also called cell phone boosters, repeaters, signal amplifiers, and network extenders. They boost 4G LTE signal across all major North American carriers. A cell phone signal booster will end your dropped phone calls, unsent texts, and slow data speeds. You will never have weak signals or dead zones again.

There are many different types of cell phone boosters. So many that it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. That is why we have made this list – to show off the most trusted, legal cell phone boosters on the market.

Cell phone signal boosters and amplifiers are wonderful pieces of technology that make life in the city much more livable. Too often the urban sprawl blocks out cell reception and creates dead zones where you should be getting great signals. Or you are getting great signal outdoors but when you step into a building it entirely cuts out. Also, there are potential issues when cell towers of similar strength interrupt each other ruining your signal. These problems are all easily fixed with a signal booster or amplifier. Whether you are trying to patch up a signal for a home, business, or public building consider using a signal booster or amplifier to keep you connected.

Enjoy a lifetime of the boosted signal by improving your cell service through Cell Booster Installations!

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Benefits of our signal boosters:

  • Improves poor LTE & 4G cell signals

  • Fixes bad reception for iPhones and Androids

  • Hidden equipment

  • Perfect for Real Estate Brokers and homeowners who wish to add value to a property

  • Will even improve signal in the garage and basement

  • Installation of boosters for EV Charging Stations

  • One-time fee! NO monthly installments!

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A cell phone signal booster (also known as amplifier or repeater) is made up of three main elements – exterior antenna, amplifier, and interior antenna. They form a wireless system to boost cellular reception. We will explain how it helps improve cellphone signal strength, and show types of mobile amplifiers available so you can make an informed decision.

A cell phone reception booster is generally a repeater system that involves the amplifier adding gain or power to the reception in various directions. Even for a cheap cell phone signal booster, maximum gain differs by application. The work of an outside antenna is to both receive and transmit signals to a cellular tower with enhanced power and sensitivity. Usually, the dB gain is never below 7 dB and can be over 10 dB gain. The system’s elements conduit is the coaxial cable. It is also a factor in transmission loss.

The main aim of the cellular phone signal booster is to take the existing cell phone signal around your car, office, workstation or home and amplifying it. After amplification, the signal is rebroadcasted to the area with no reception or weak signal. Apart from consisting of an amplifier to boost the reception, external antenna, and internal antenna, there’re cell phone boosters with indoor antenna and amplifier as a single unit making them superb indoor cell phone signal boosters. In most cases, the three components are detached. Other optional components include the Attenuator (reduces unwanted frequency signals), Lightning Surge Protector, Splitter, and Tap.

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Do you have any questions or would you like to use our services? Contact us now for a free site survey at your residential or commercial property!

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