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470159 – weBoost Destination RV Signal Booster Kit

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The weBoost 470159 Destination RV Signal Booster Kit is the best solution for people who regularly travel in RVs, Motorhomes, 5th-Wheels, and other large vehicles, and need better voice calls and data while parked in remote locations. This solution features the Destination RV 5-band, 65 dB amplifier, which is powerful enough to cover the entire inside of the RV with boosted signal, as well as a yagi outside antenna, 25 ft telescoping pole to elevate the outside antenna, and a panel inside antenna to maximize the coverage of boosted signal in the RV.

The Destination RV Kit boosts the 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks for all of the major carriers in North America, giving you fewer dropped calls, increased reception, and the fastest 3G & 4G LTE download speeds possible. The system broadcasts boosted signal to the local area, so multiple phones and data devices throughout the RV can receive boosted signal at the same time.

The inside coverage area that you receive from the weBoost 470159 Destination RV Signal Booster Kit will depend on the existing outside signal strength in the location where you place the outside yagi antenna. In areas where you get a moderate existing outside signal, the Destination RV kit will provide boosted signal throughout the RV. As the outside signal gets weaker, the coverage area will shrink, so only the portion of the RV surrounding the inside antenna will receive boosted signal.

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