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471254 – WeBoost Drive Reach OTR Fleet

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The weBoost Drive Reach OTR Fleet features a powerful multi-user cell signal booster. Its optimized for heavy-duty fleet use with its high-gain OTR Truck edition antenna; ranging 17 in. to 45 in. in height. Drive Reach OTR Fleet keeps drivers in contact with dispatch and fleet managers with enhanced cellular tracking and improved cell coverage inside vehicles. It works on all U.S. carrier networks and is compatible with all phones, cellular-connected devices, and fleet tracking systems today.

  • Enhances All Available Wireless Network Signals And Speeds In A Passenger Vehicle Car, Truck, Van, Or SUV
  • Works On All Cellular Devices With All Carriers Simultaneously
  • Enhances Cellular Talk, Text, And High-Speed Internet
  • Professional Installation Required
  • Includes Drive Reach Booster, 17 In. OTR Antenna Truck Edition, Slim Low-Profile Antenna, Power Supply, 2 Mast Extensions, Coax Cable Side-Exit Adapter, Antenna Spring, Cable Adapter, And Thread Lock Packets
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